Gutter Repairs & Cleaning

Are your gutters overflowing or leaking? Have you noticed water draining more slowly than usual from your gutters?

Guttering is a key part of the roofline of your house, and it is essential to keep your gutters working properly. If you don't, then a fairly inexpensive guttering repair job could become a huge and costly building project. If your gutters become damaged or blocked, rainwater will not be disposed of correctly and will flow down the outside walls and windows of your building. This constant soaking will eventually cause water damage to the walls and window frames resulting in unnecessary and avoidable costs.

At NGR Guttering, we always carry out an inspection and where possible will repair your existing guttering - we won't just automatically suggest that new guttering needs to be installed if it is more economical to make a repair. Please contact us to arrange your free guttering inspection.

The Importance of Regular Gutter Maintenance

Most of the time with guttering you are not aware of any problems until they manifest themselves as leaks or damp patches. Our gutter clearing process is quick, efficient and inexpensive, will allow you trouble free maintenance and to avoid expensive repairs or replacement work.  Why not call us today for a FREE no obligation inspection.

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Why Choose Us?

Clearly it is important to have a reputable company when ‘Working at Height’, not only for health and safety reasons, but also to ensure that the works are actually undertaken and carried out correctly and efficiently. At NGR guttering, we pride ourselves on the honest, reliable and value for money service that we believe is unrivaled in the industry.

Gutter Repairs

gutter repair contractors NottinghamDuring the course of any gutter cleaning works we will assess the condition of the gutters to determine if there are any minor remedial works required, which will include repairs such as leaking gutter joints, holes in the gutters, blocked outlets, broken and/or miss-aligned down pipes and missing wire baskets. In most cases it is far more economical to undertake these types of works whilst we are on site and should a pre-agreed price limit not have been set we will endeavour to seek authorisation to proceed with the works prior to leaving. Major gutter defects are likely to include extensive joint sealing and/or the requirement for a gutter surface treatment where the galvanized steel has been identified as corroded, flaking and brittle. We can offer various economical options for gutter surface treatments and in situations where the gutters are too deteriorated for these types of works a gutter lining system may be recommended.

Joint Sealing on Commercial Gutters

The vast majority of industrial and commercial gutters are manufactured from galvanized steel which are bolted or riveted together usually at 3 metre intervals and then sealed with mastic. Over the years the joint sealant deteriorates causing the joints to leak. These joints can easily and effectively be repaired by cleaning the joint and applying a primer and a new coat of sealant.

Gutter Surface Treatments

Galvanized steel will over time start to corrode causing the gutters to rust, flake and eventually perforate. If left, this corrosion will degrade to such an extent that the gutters will need to be plated prior to any works, or in the worst case be replaced. Most gutter surface treatments are determined by both the condition of the gutters and the longevity required. For example if you lease your building you may only require a treatment that will last for a couple of years, however, should you own the building you may require a longer term solution. We have various alternative treatments to suit your requirements, if you would like to discuss your options please get in touch.